Environmental Journalists reports on environmental topics, through text and photography. From time to time we write in-depth stories from around the world. In between, and especially when we travel, we write short blog posts with our impressions.

Through its stories, Environmental Journalists intends to raise awareness of environmental problems and their ecological and social impact. We do this through text and photography, based on verifable sources, and backed-up scientifically where possible.


Environmental Journalists believes that human beings are essentially empathic creatures. Survival of the kindest – in relation to the planet, people and animals – rather than survival of the fittest – is the evolutionary engine that drives individuals and hence worldly processes towards a healthy and peaceful environment.

Environmental Journalists was founded in 2013 by Helga D’Havé and Bart Ulens. While they both write and take photographs, Helga’s main background is writing and research, while Bart has a strong background in photography.

HelgaHelga works as a freelance science and research journalist and (copy)writer, earned a PhD in Science (biology/ ecotoxicology) and helped develop the Belgian vegetarian society EVA as a board member and editor.



bartBart is a lecturer at the faculty of Photography of Luca School of Arts – Sint Lukas – in Brussels, teaches photography class in evening school, and works as a piano tuner.




A selection of references:
Text and/or photos published in: EOS, MO, Knack, Kazakh newspaper Lada, Zoogdier, …


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