20130709-20130709-_DSC3971We published an article in MO* Magazine (in Dutch) on the Kashagan oil field, situated in the Northern part of the Caspian Sea belonging to Kazakhstan. On 11th September, the biggest oil field discovered during the past 40 years started its production of oil. Kashagan was discovered 13 years ago, but oil production was delayed due the complex technical challenges. Moreover, little gain is expected for local communities and there is a tremendous risk for an environmental disaster. If an ecological disaster happens, the relative political stability of the Caspian Sea region is at stake.

In Atyrau, Kazakhstan, we talked to:

  • a taxi driver who helped with the construction of the Kashagan islands;
  • an employee at the newly constructed Bolashak oil refinery;
  • Galina Tschernova, leading lady of the local ngo Globus Centre that fights to protect the environment and the local people;
  • Abdulla Amin, risk manager for an American company;
  • Serikhzan Mambetalin, past chairman of the disqualified Green party.

The article is available on the website of MO*.

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