VliegtuigOur first – and as we are well aware possibly wrong and superficial – impression of Kazakhstan started during our flight from Frankfurt to Almaty. Kazakh men were indulging in the consumption of a combination of alcoholic drinks, such as Cognac, Baileys, whisky, wine and beer. Strangely enough, the airline company kept serving alcohol for hours on end. Is Kazakhstan a country that thrives on alcohol or is it simply that flying for some Kazakh people is a way to get free alcoholic drinks? And does the airline company keep Kazakh clients loyal by offering a feast of free alcohol or does it want to make people sleepy for the remainder of the flight? A woman who accompanied one of the inebriated men used her smartphone while we started our descent. She put it away with much disdain after the stewardess intervened, only to take it out again a minute later and happily receive and send text messages during the process of landing. Our first introduction to Kazakhstan was a little worrying…

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  1. Polls also show that the population of the Atyrau sees their basic problems in a high rate of unemployment, difficulties in education, in price rises of food and articles, approach to pension age problems, poor quality of municipal services (disastrous condition of roads, low level of health services, increase of the gap in the standard of living between the rich and poor population, growth of alcoholism and drug abuse, increase in crime). Alongside this, the city population also criticises existing environmental problems, shortage of schools and preschool establishments, lack of systems for professional and higher education.

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